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We are proud of our accomplishments and enhancements in our educational training of Ayurvedic practitioners. We believe the programs we offer are the finest available today. We offer support services and continuing educational opportunities for our graduates and for those leading an Ayurvedic lifestyle that includes authentic panchakarma, the cleansing program of Ayurveda, products and herbs as well as seminars, books, and our journal.
These are designed to help you—our clients and students—to enhance your own lives through the universal application of Ayurvedic healing. We believe the efforts that we all make together towards self-healing will continue to expand the healing benefits of Ayurveda throughout the world.
We invite your continued support of our mission and want you to know that we value your contribution. Our goal is to give true health care back to the world through the science of Ayurveda, which enables you to take care of your own health. With your help, we can continue to achieve our goal and be the school of choice in Ayurveda Education.

What are the Donation Support Levels at The Ayurvedic Institute?


$100 Donation – receive a one-year membership in The Ayurvedic Institute and a signed print of Vasant Lad’s painting of Ganesha.


$500 Donation – receive a one-year membership in The Ayurvedic Institute, a signed print of Vasant Lad’s Ganesha painting, and your choice of: Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing, Strands of Eternity, or Pranayama for Self-Healing DVD.


$1000 Donation – receive a one-year membership in The Ayurvedic Institute, a signed print of Vasant Lad’s Ganesha painting, and any one of his books published by The Ayurvedic Press or one of Vasant Lad’s webinars.

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What Projects Will Benefit From My Support?

Our ongoing efforts in the use of funds go toward:

  • Online webinars on Ayurveda that offer learning opportunities, featuring Vasant Lad and other experts. These courses are NAMA PACE
    certified courses with continuing education credits for practitioners.
  • Continue to improve access to our Ayurvedic clinic with expanded offerings and number of consultations with both students and practitioners
    to make Ayurveda more available to everyone.
  • All of our seminars and summer intensives are NAMA PACE certified courses with continuing education credits for practitioners.
  • The Ayurvedic Studies Programs, Levels 1 and 2, are approved for eligible persons to receive benefits from the US Department of Veterans
    Affairs (VA).
  • The Ayurvedic Institute is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students and we are delighted to welcome students from
    a number of different countries to participate in our program. International students are charged the same tuition and fees as
    all other students.

The Ayurvedic Institute Scholarship Program is intended for students who have proven to have the academic attitude and aptitude to become great Ayurvedic professionals but are having a hard time paying for tuition. Recipients of this scholarship go on to support their communities by providing high-quality Ayurvedic services in many parts of the world.

This beautiful center is to the east of Pune in the agricultural countryside. Although legally an independent entity, it is directed by Vasant Lad and the staff here in Albuquerque. The facility offers advanced education and clinical training in Ayurveda through classroom instruction and internship, providing free healthcare to the local village and an expanded panchakarma program with modern facilities for westerners.

We are working to expand the learning opportunities at VIOA into nearly year-round offerings.

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Membership to Ayurveda Institute

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The best part is that you then have all the other benefits of membership!
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Membership fees are low: only $35 per year for US residents and $60 per year for international members.
Your fees help us to meet our goals of bringing Ayurveda to the west and service to our community.