Recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda Schools and Ayurvedic Health Spas outside of India.
Recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda Schools and Ayurvedic Health Spas outside of India.

Graduate Programs

The Ayurvedic Institute offers a variety of ways for approved graduates of both our program and other recognized schools to continue their education in clinical Ayurvedic work at our on-campus clinic, the Ayurvedic Center for Healing, Life and Longevity.

Graduate Clinical Internship

The graduate clinical internship at The Ayurvedic Institute provides a safe and rich environment for ASP2 alumni to practice their knowledge and skills, deepen their understanding and learn new techniques.

Ayurveda is a vast ocean. After studying for two years at The Ayurvedic Institute, students often have a profound understanding of how vast that ocean is. They have felt the cool waters, tasted the salt on their lips, and the wind on their face. The graduate clinical internship is recommended for ASP2 alumni looking to dive deeper into the great ocean of knowledge through clinical practice, looking for mentorship and further learning — in the clinic and the classroom. They are looking for a compassionate setting in which to refine and increase their scope of practice. One recent intern remarked that there is not a single day at the clinic that students leave without having their cup overflowing with excitement, knowledge and deeper understanding of not only of Ayurveda but of themselves.

The graduate clinical internship runs on our standard trimester schedule. People can apply for one or multiple trimesters. It is an 18 hour per week program that includes 10½ hours of client time, 2 hours of file review and 5½ hours of classroom-based learning opportunities to help fill in gaps and expand your existing scope. Due to demand, once an applicant has been accepted as qualified to participate, tuition will need to be paid in full to reserve a spot.

Come explore the vastness of the ocean of Ayurveda. Dive deeper into following the thread of samprāpti, differentiation of disease, herbal formulation, basti, marma and shamana therapies. Be inspired by what you know and more importantly by what you have yet to learn. Share your gifts with clients here at the clinic and further your clinical experience. The seed has been planted. The clinical experience will water that seed so that it sprouts and develops into the beautiful flower of the practitioner you aspire to become.

Clinical Residency Program

For those who have completed and excelled in the graduate clinical internship, we offer an additional level of training and practice in our clinical residency program. Clinical residency is a paid position and typically lasts an entire academic year. Residents work with greater independence in the clinic through the academic year with a mentor to further refine their clinical skills and thinking. Their work is focused toward following clients through their healing journey by providing continuity of care and support. In their role as clinical supervisors, residents continue to refine their understanding by guiding more novice students.

For more information, contact our Student Services Coordinator.

ASP2 has been such a wonderful year for me because I love the application of knowledge to real life. We are getting more exposure to clients this year through the clinic, panchakarma with Vasant Lad, and with case studies presented in several classes. We are learning to see the interconnectedness of doshas, dhatus, and srotas and how to follow the thread in each individual. I am completely inspired by all that I am learning!

– Betsy B., ASP2 Student