Recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda Schools and Ayurvedic Health Spas outside of India.
Recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda Schools and Ayurvedic Health Spas outside of India.

Training Programs in Pune, India

The Ayurvedic Institute offers two different 6-week programs in India: our Gurukula immersion into authentic Ayurveda (it includes classroom time, clinic, hands-on therapies and more) and our hands-on Ayurvedic body therapy (panchakarma) training.

They are held at Vasant Lad’s Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda. These all-inclusive residential programs were created with Western standards in mind. From the moment you are picked up from the airport, all of your needs for living an Ayurvedic lifestyle are provided. Join us for one or both of these one-of-a-kind small-group immersive trainings to uncover what the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has to teach you. See below for more details.

2018 Panchakarma Therapist Training Program

July 28 - September 7 OR September 15 - October 26

6 Week Hands-on Immersion Program in Pune India

Through hands-on practice we learn to embody the richness and sacredness of Ayurvedic body therapies.

The Ayurvedic Institute’s Panchakarma Therapist Training is an immersive, in-depth residential training where students learn to provide hands on Ayurvedic body therapies that go beyond the technical elements of the procedures and into the space of moment-to-moment awareness.

2018 Pune Gurukula Program

Begins November 3 through December 14, 2018 (6 Weeks)

Living Ayurveda

6 week Gurukula Immersion Program in Pune, India

In need of a place to embark upon or deepen your Ayurveda education, lifestyle, rituals and routines as part of your own evolution?

The Ayurvedic Institute’s remarkable Gurukula program is an opportunity for you not only to learn about Ayurveda from an extremely gifted teacher, but to truly experience it while you are learning it. You will build the practices and muscle memory of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle while participating in both classroom and clinic training with Vasant Lad and our other faculty in Pune.