Recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda Schools and Ayurvedic Health Spas outside of India.
Recognized as one of the leading Ayurveda Schools and Ayurvedic Health Spas outside of India.

Pune Training Programs

2018 Pune Gurukula Program

Begins November 3 through December 14, 2018 (6 Weeks)

    In need of a place to embark upon or deepen your Ayurveda education, lifestyle, rituals and routines as part of your own evolution?

    The Ayurvedic Institute’s remarkable Gurukula Program is an opportunity for you not only to learn about Ayurveda from an extremely gifted teacher, but to truly experience it while you are learning it. You will build the practices and muscle memory of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle while participating in both classroom and clinic training with Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, and our other faculty in Pune. We have structured this program as an intimate, small-group experience where you learn about Ayurveda and apply what you are learning to your own self.

    Join us in India for a one-of-a-kind small group, immersion training that will change your life.

    This all-inclusive residential program was created with Western standards in mind. From the moment you are picked up from the airport all of your needs for living an Ayurvedic lifestyle will be provided. As the Indian experience can be expected to be intense, we do everything to ease the transition from the busy chaotic streets into the deep tranquility for a meditator’s mind. Quality drinking water, fresh vegetarian meals, local transportation, green space, yoga classes, and emotional and academic support are provided so you can focus all of your attention on your learning and transformation. Total cost of tuition, room and board, pick-up/drop off at the Mumbai or Pune airport is $6,480 USD. This cost does not include registration, administration fees, or airfare. Previous study of Ayurveda is required and each applicant’s experience is considered during an interview.

    What to Expect
    Live Ayurveda
    • Enhance your personal daily routine with support such as Ayuryoga® classes and agni hotra
    • Build community with others who are passionate about Ayurveda and creating well-being in the world
    • Experience the transformative power of India at Vasant Lad’s Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda in Pune, India
    Learn Ayurveda
    • Academic classes facilitate diving deeper into the age-old medical theory
    • Observe the masterful Vasant Lad in his professional clinic
    • Practice clinical skills in class and community clinic
    Love Ayurveda
    • Give and receive the powerful benefits of Marma therapy
    • Receive through selfless service and participate in running a community clinic
    What our Students Say

    Dr. Lad’s teachings were a gift to me that I will always treasure.

    I have a greater understanding of the connection between Ayurveda and spirituality.

    I had never had that level of consistency with dinacharaya. When I came home, I could tell the difference and received so many questions about what did I do?

    Daily meditation, pranayama and insight into how we are influenced by so many factors has helped me have more compassion for myself and others.


    How to Apply for This Transformative Program
    We look forward to talking with you in more detail about this unique program.

    To learn more or set-up an interview, contact our Students Services Coordinator at (505) 291-9698, Ext. 126 or send an email.

    Online application is here. The Ayurvedic Institute reserves the right to change curriculum as needed.

    Details about the center and photos are here.

    The Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda, East of Pune

    Participants of the Pune Gurukula Program reside at the new Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda. The center is about a one-hour drive from Pune, India near Uruli Kanchan. It accommodates 16 students, in double-occupancy rooms. Each room has a private bathroom that is shared with a roommate.

    This program is offered by The Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM, USA in collaboration with The Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda, Pune, India.