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Ayurvedic Studies Programs

Ayurvedic Studies

The Ayurvedic Studies Programs (ASP) integrate the practical, philosophical, and spiritual insight of Ayurveda into professional training programs that support you in becoming an Ayurvedic professional capable of serving others in realizing their true nature and the expression of it in their daily life.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Looking to rejuvenate your perspective? Enhance your understanding? Begin learning about Ayurveda.We have excellent online options for those wanting an introduction to Ayurveda, to deepen their practice with more professional development or to focus on their own self-healing and personal enrichment

Ayurveda Training Programs in India

Programs in India

Our Gurukula immersion into authentic Ayurveda (it includes classroom time, clinic, hands-on therapies and more) and our hands-on Ayurvedic body therapy (panchakarma) training as well as a two week Fundamentals of Gurukula study at the Institute in India.

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Vasant Lad is the visionary behind AyurPrana: it serves his and the Ayurvedic Institute’s vision of spreading Ayurveda across the globe. AyurPrana is an expansion of Vasant Lad’s mission, and the Ayurvedic Institute and AyurPrana work together to provide access to the teachings and benefits of Ayurveda to everyone–whether internationally, locally, or online.

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